London Book Fair Seminars: Legal and Contracts

document-428334_1280I went to the Know Your Rights: Legal and Contracts seminar panelled by Nicola Solomon, Alex Hardy, Lorella Belli, and Joanna Penn. The panel discussed how authors, self-published or otherwise, can protect their rights and get the most out of contracts with publishers and agents. Continue reading “London Book Fair Seminars: Legal and Contracts”


The Publishing Process: Producing a Sample of a Chick-Lit Novel

Unlocking JulietteOn my publishing course at the University of Stirling, my big end-of-year project was to produce a sample of a book. I acquired the first two chapters of Jackie Lambert’s chick-lit novel, Unlocking Juliette, and over the course of nine months I illustrated and designed the cover, copyedited and typeset the text, researched the target market and devised a marketing campaign, and worked with printers to produce a sample publication. This project taught me how to take a project through from conceptualization to completion, and even though I felt daunted and frustrated at times, the process ended up being extremely rewarding and now I have a sample product that I am very proud of. Continue reading “The Publishing Process: Producing a Sample of a Chick-Lit Novel”