Book Review: The Storm by Neil Broadfoot

The Storm

Contraband, an imprint of Saraband Books

I recently read Neil Broadfoot’s The Storm. It’s the second book about crime reporter Doug McGregor (following Falling Fast) as he’s thrown into another whirlwind of a case. From the minute a bullet rips open the chest of Doug McGregor’s editor right in front of him, I was hooked. Broadfoot expertly weaves together a mystery that takes the reader from the gritty underside of Edinburgh all the way to Skye. What I loved in particular was the ensemble of characters who populate Doug’s life; some are endearing (such as Doug’s friend D.C. Susie Drummond, a clever and intuitive detective investigating the case), others are tragic or simply terrifying.

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London Book Fair Seminars: Cover Design

One of my favourite book designs is The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

One of my favourite book designs is Vintage’s “The Night Circus” by Erin Morgenstern

I attended the Principles of Successful Book and Cover Design seminar panelled by Fiona Marsh, Damian Horner, Martin Topping, Stuart Dwyer, and Karen Healey Wallace. The panel discussed the “golden rules of design” and how design plays into advertising and marketing. Continue reading “London Book Fair Seminars: Cover Design”