Success and Serialisation

WaysoftheDoomedBig successes in the publishing industry come in threes…or fours, fives, and sixes.

Serialisation is a key factor in developing brands and launching star authors such as JK Rowling and George RR Martin. Publishing a series means each successive book accumulates a larger readership (propagated by word-of-mouth publicity) which makes retailers feel more secure stocking titles with successful predecessors and makes it easier for authors to gain readership for new projects. Challenges and opportunities abound in marketing, writing, and gaining readership for series. Read more on The Bookseller.


Publishing… Chapter by Chapter

chapter-1This week, Publishing Perspectives highlighted the publishing company Leanpub which offers ‘in-progress’ publishing services for self-published authors and publishers. In-progress publishing allows an author to publish their book chapter by chapter as they write in order to gather reader feedback and assess what is working and what could be changed in future chapters. Continue reading “Publishing… Chapter by Chapter”

International Awards

Shanghai Intl. Book FairIn the latest news from The Bookseller, the Shanghai Children’s Book Fair has opened up the Chen Bochui awards for international publishers to submit any picture or illustrated book for children between the ages of 0–16. Besides a chance to win a £2,058 prize, the book fair is an excellent opportunity for international publishers to engage with a growing Chinese children’s market. Continue reading “International Awards”