About Jenny


Thanks for visiting Publishing Between the Lines!

My name is Jenny Hamrick and I am originally from Texas, but I moved to Scotland to study publishing at the University of Stirling and am now a web content editor at the University of St Andrews. I have also had the wonderful opportunity this past year to intern and work on freelance projects with Saraband Books. During my coursework and my internship, I have gained knowledge and skills in editorial, marketing, and production tasks related to publishing. I particularly enjoy the editorial side of publishing and am fascinated by the copyediting process; but I also know that no department can stand on its own, and I like to take on a variety of roles to see a publication through from conception to completion.

My Interests

I have a very eclectic library with books ranging from classical literature to fantasy/sci-fi to crime. For me, a good book needs a strong story with even stronger characters – the setting and tone are just icing on the cake. I tend to be drawn to novels with strong female leads, such as A Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb or A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki.

Besides reading, my other interests include playing video games, vegetarian cooking, creative writing,  sketching (well, doodling really), and traveling.


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